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 image of student trimming tree


Learn how to manage individual trees or an assemblage of trees in an urban setting alongside top-tier, dedicated faculty.


Students studying arboriculture and urban forester learn how to manage individual and groups of trees in urban environments.

Arboriculture can be thought of as the care of individual trees in the developed landscape. The trees can be in a residential (both in a city front yard or rural back yard), business park, city street or park. Arborists properly install (‘plant’) trees, guide their development use pruning, proper mulching, staking (only when needed), and maintain plant health by identifying and providing insects and disease management when needed.

Urban Forestry is the management of the assemblage of trees in a given urban environment. This can be at the level of a corporate or university campus, city or state wide, and even regionally and nationally. One principle goal is to plan for the future during re-forestation efforts, yet actively manage the current urban canopy to maximize the benefits of the forest resources. An urban forester utilizes tools such as i-Tree to quantify the benefits or ecosystem services of the trees the she or he manages.

Ecosystem Services